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New Leak: Galaxy S10 + is Samsung’s Most Expensive Smartphone Ever Made


Galaxy S10 + is going to be officially revealed in only two days and a brand-new leak shows us that the flagship device is going to be Samsung’s most expensive smartphone ever made. The leak comes as a courtesy of Evan Blass who is a reputable leaskter and it shows us that Galaxy S10 + will cost more than $1,000. Even though flagship smartphones are expected to cost somewhere around $1,000, Galaxy S10 + surprises us with a price tag of $1,500.

$1,500 Price Tag

High-end Android smartphones usually cost around $1,000. However, smartphones which cost more than this have never become successful. The only tech company that manages to sell smartphones that cost more than $1,000 and the devices become bestselling products is Apple.

On the other hand, Apple is known for overpricing its products and iPhones target a market of people who don’t mind spending a couple of extra bucks. Nonetheless, Galaxy S10 + is super expensive and this will impact the smartphone’s popularity.

Expensive Features

Now that we presented how much Galaxy S10 + is going to cost, let’s see what spending $1,500 is going to get us. Evan Blass reports that Samsung customers who pick the ceramic black or ceramic white versions of Galaxy S10 + with 12GB of RAM and 1TB of internal storage space will need to pay $1,500. There are different models of Galaxy S10 + with much lower internal storage space and their prices will still be over $1,000.

Launch Date – February 20th

Galaxy S10 + is scheduled to launch on February 20th during the MWC event and Samsung needs to show off the smartphone’s full set of premium features if it wants customers to even be interested in spending $1,500 for Galaxy S10 +.