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New Spotify Update Introduces “Endless Artist Radio” and Redesigned Search Page


Spotify has recently received a new update and it’s a big one! This update introduces a bunch of new features that fans are going to love, including one feature that lets people listen to their favorite artist or band for as long as they want through an endless playlist. Nonetheless, today we are going to check out the new features that Spotify’s latest update contains so that Premium users know what they are in for.

Streamlined Navigation

One of the things that make Spotify stand out from other music streaming apps is its simple, yet sleek UI (user interface). The developers in charge of Spotify have made a great job of building a UI that makes it easy for people to find their favorite songs and this latest update makes things even better. Spotify users will now be able to get recommendations from the “Home” panel and discover new ones with the “Search” option.

Endless Artist Radio

As we previously mentioned, Spotify users will now be able to listen to an endless playlist filled with songs from the same artist or band. This feature is called the “Endless Artist Radio” and it’s going to be a fan favorite.

“If a subscriber wants a great playlist based on one of their favorite musicians or songs, they can simply search for it and start listening to one of the brand-new Artist Radio playlists. These offer an endless listening stream personalized to the listener’s own musical taste” said Spotify in a recent blog post.

Personalized Search

The last thing we need to mention about the new Spotify update is that it introduces personalized search. This feature redesigns the classic “Search” page so that users can find their favorite podcasts, albums, and songs way faster than before.