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New TubeMate 3.1.9 Update is Now Available


Did you ever wish you could simply download online videos and not have to wait for them to buffer through Wi-Fi or mobile data? Everybody hopes popular websites would implement a feature that could let them download online videos, but unfortunately, this feature is never going to be added because websites generate more revenue if people stay logged on for longer times.

Even though all the popular websites where you find the most interesting videos might not give users the option to download online videos, there is an app that can make this possible. The app is called TubeMate and it has been developed for the sole purpose to let people download all their favorite videos and it has just received a new update!

TubeMate 3.1.9 Update

TubemMate fans should be pleased to know that their favorite app has just been updated. The new update changes TubeMate’s version number to 3.1.9 and its available in the form of APK. The reason why the update is not rolled out OTA (over the air) as all other apps do with their updates is because TubeMate is not available on the Google Play Store.

Android Package Kit

The fact that TubeMate can download online videos means that this app breaches the Terms of Service (ToS) of many websites. Therefore, Google is not allowing TubeMate’s developers to list the app on Google Play Store so that it doesn’t get in trouble with those websites.

On the bright side of things, APK updates are a perfect alternative. APK stands for “Android Package Kit” and the only difference between these updates and normal ones is that users need to download and install them manually. Luckily, the installation process doesn’t take more than one minute. The only tricky part is that users need to find a reliable APK website.