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New VidMate 3.5601 APK is Here – Enhanced Performance and Bug Fixes


VidMate is one of the greatest apps in the world. The reason we are saying this is because VidMate posses the ability to download online videos. Even though downloading online videos might sound like an impossible task because all popular streaming platforms don’t allow their users to do this, VidMate makes it possible. Therefore, people who enjoy watching online videos in their spare time and are looking for a way to save up some of their mobile data should give VidMate a try.

Watching Online Shows

Truth be told, no one watches cable TV anymore. Everyone is watching their favorite shows on apps such as Netflix and HBO GO instead. This is causing classic TV companies to go bankrupt, but who can blame people for choosing to watch online videos without having to sit through countless ads? Not just that, but people who decide to watch online videos on their smartphones will get to pick and choose the shows that they want.

Talking about ads, the only reason why people are not allowed to download online videos is because of them. All popular streaming platforms such as YouTube generate revenue by forcing their users to watch ads while their videos are buffering. Well, here is where VidMate comes in and saves the day.

VidMate Saves the Day!

The developers of VidMate noticed that people hate having to sit through countless ads before they can get access to their favorite videos and they decided to give people a way to download those videos. Not just that, but finding free Wi-Fi is challenging and this makes impossible to stream online videos while on the go. Add up the fact that mobile data is super expensive and YouTube fans would probably use it all up after they stream a couple hours of online footage.

How Download Online Videos

Hands down, the coolest thing about VidMate is the fact that anyone can use this app to download online videos. The developers of VidMate didn’t want to restrict the app’s features only to people who have extensive software knowledge and they decided to equip it with a friendly UI (user interface) that makes it possible even for the most inexperienced smartphone users to download all their favorite videos.

The only thing that VidMate users need to do in order to get their hands on online videos is to search for them via VidMate’s UI by using keywords. All that’s left now is to click on the big “Download” button that shows up after the video has been found.

Download Free Music

What many people don’t know about VidMate is that the app’s features are not limited only to downloading online videos. VidMate can also download free music and it does it all with its pre-installed MP3 converter. The way this works is rather simple. VidMate users can search for the latest music videos online and then convert them to MP3 tracks in a matter of seconds.

New APK Updates

Another amazing thing about VidMate is the full-fledged developer support that it gets. The people who are in charge of VidMate are always working on new APK updates that introduce bug fixes and software tweaks which improve VidMate’s overall performance. In fact, a brand-new update has just arrived.

VidMate 3.5601 APK

The latest APK update for VidMate sports the 3.5601 build number and it has been released a couple of days ago. As we previously mentioned, APK updates focus on enhancing the app’s performance and this is exactly what this new APK does. Therefore, VidMate fans who want to make sure that their favorite app is running at peak-performance levels should make sure to get the new update as soon as possible.