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New Leak: Samsung Galaxy F Super Expensive Price and Launch Date


Samsung kept teasing Galaxy F for a couple of months in order to get people interested about the next-generation smartphone and Galaxy F has been officially revealed one week ago. As expected, the internet is going crazy about the new smartphone since it looks so innovative and because it brings the benefits of having a tablet while still managing to fit inside a normal pocket at the same time.

On the downside of things, Samsung didn’t want to announce an official date for when Galaxy F will hit the stores. Luckily, we don’t have to wait for Samsung to reveal this information about the upcoming smartphone because it has already been leaked.

Samsung Can’t Keep a Secret

Samsung is a great company that excels at every field it tries. Smartphones, tablets, TVs you name it and Samsung already has created a bestselling device in that field. However, there is something that the South Korean based tech giant is not able to do and that is to keep a secret. Samsung is such a large company that keeping a secret becomes impossible and therefore, we already know how much Galaxy F will cost and when it will launch.

Galaxy F Launch Date and Price

The first thing we need to mention about Galaxy F is that the foldable smartphone one million units of the foldable smartphone will launch in 2019. We should note that DJ Koh who is the company’s CEO has also hinted that he is expected Galaxy F to take over the smartphone industry in 2019.

Even though Samsung only knows the year when Galaxy F will launch and not the exact date, the leak reports that Galaxy F will be priced at $1,770. Galaxy F’s price tag is super expensive and this might scare some customers away. Are you willing to pay $1,770 for a folding smartphone?