Home Apps New Xender 4.0.0803 Prime APK – UI Software Tweaks and Bug Fixes

New Xender 4.0.0803 Prime APK – UI Software Tweaks and Bug Fixes


Xender is a premium app that excels at transferring files. However, Xender also ships with a bunch of cool features that set it apart from similar apps such as SHAREit that can also transfer files from one smartphone to another in a matter of seconds. Another important thing that Xender offers while other apps don’t is a constant stream of updates.

The developer team who is in charge of Xender has made its primary goal to keep the app updated with software tweaks and bug fixes so that Xender can offer a premium user experience at all times. With that said, no one should be shocked to find out that a new Xender APK has been made available for download.

New Xender 4.0.0803 Prime APK

The latest APK for Xender sports the 4.0.0803 Prime version number and it’s available right now. This update is available in the form of APK and Xender fans who want to download it need to search for a reliable APK website and get it from there.

Since we are talking about APK updates, we need to make it clear that all Xender users who want to install the new update need to do it manually. This is the case with all APK updates and on the bright side of things, installing APK updates is not complicated at all. Nonetheless, let’s see what the new update introduces.

What’s New?

Xender fans who love using the app to share important files should be happy to know that the latest 4.0.0803 Prime APK introduces a bunch of bug fixes. This is great news because it means that the file-sharing app will never crash randomly or cause annoying UI (user interface) issues. The update also comes with a handful of software tweaks that focus on making the UI smoother.