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New Xender is Available Right Now


One of the most important reasons why Xender is getting more popular is because the app’s developers are constantly working on new updates. These updates are released regularly, and they improve the overall performance of Xender while adding minor software tweaks which make the user experience even better. In fact, Xender has recently received a new update and it introduces a bunch of goodies and a previously removed feature that fans have been asking for it to return.

New Update

Xender fans should be pleased to know that a brand-new update is rolling out right now. The update is being sent OTA (over the air) to all smartphones that have Xender installed on them and it should arrive at any moment. In case the update hasn’t popped up in the notification panel yet, Xender users can always head over to the official Google Play Store and download it themselves.

Phone Replicate is Back!

Phone Replicate is one of the best features that Xender has to offer and unfortunately it was removed because a bug was causing it to malfunction. Luckily, the developers have managed to fix the software issue that made Phone Replicate crash and the feature is now available once again.

For those unfamiliar with Phone Replicate, this feature makes it incredibly easy and simple for people to transfer all their data from one smartphone to another. This is a nice feature to have whenever you want to buy a new smartphone, but don’t want to lose your contacts and pictures.

Fixed Known Bugs

Even though Xender is a premium app, some software issues still manage to pop up every now and then. On the bright side of things, the app’s developers make sure to fix them with every new update that comes out so that there isn’t anything that can ruin the user’s experience.