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Nintendo Reveals Labo: VR Kit for $80


Even though people had doubts about Nintendo Switch when it was first announced because PlayStation 4 and Xbox One have been dominating the gaming industry for so long, Nintendo Switch is a massive success! The popularity of Nintendo Switch is going to skyrocket once again because the Japanese based tech giant has announced the Nintendo Labo: VR Kit. This is an innovative kit priced at $80 which gives Nintendo Switch users the ability to create peripherals out of cardboard.

Nintendo Labo: VR Kit

Nintendo is known for doing things its own way and Labo is the perfect example of that. The new VR kit is innovative and what makes it stand out from other similar products is the fact that it lets Nintendo Switch users express their creativity. There is no limit on what creative gamers and programmers can do with Labo and this is exciting!

Another great thing about Labo is that the peripherals built from cardboard can be simply dismantled and placed inside a box after the gaming session is over. Peripherals for VR headsets are known for taking up lots of space around the room and for the messy cables, but this is not the case for Labo.

Small VR Experiences

As previously mentioned, the Labo VR kit is much smaller and simpler to use than standard VR headsets. However, this also means that there won’t be that many AAA games that work with Labo and instead, players will need to stick with smaller VR games.

On the bright side of things, we can see third-party developers creating awesome VR games for Labo that teach kids how to build lots of interesting things with the VR kit.

In addition, the new Labo VR kit is making it fun for Nintendo Switch fans all over the world to learn more about programming and tinkering.