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Google’s Repair Center Offers New Methods to Repair Pixel 3


We reported two days ago that Apple has decided to change its company policy when it comes to repairing iPhones that are powered by a non-original battery. This is great news for iPhone users and from the looks of it, Google was inspired by this and it also made some important changes when it comes to broken Pixel 3 units.

Google Changes Policy of Its Repair Center

The only thing that Pixel 3 users can do in case something went wrong with their smartphone’s hardware is to take it to a “uBreakiFix” repair shop. The problem here is that these repair shops are not available everywhere and going to a non-authorized repair shop will void the warranty of the smartphone and this is not always worth it.

Fortunately, Google has decided to change the way its repair program for Pixel 3 works. Pixel 3 users can now mail-in their broken smartphone to the repair center. On the downside of things, getting the smartphone back can take up to ten days. However, this is still a better option than having to void the warranty by going to a third-party repair center.

Pixel 3: Specs Overview

Since we are talking about Pixel 3, let’s check out what are the smartphone’s highlight hardware specs and features in order to see what kind of performances the pure Android flagship smartphone has to offer. Without any further ado, let’s get into it.

  • Display

The smartphone is equipped with a 5.5-inches display that uses P-OLED technology and offers a high pixel resolution of 1080 x 2160p. The display is also coated in Corning Gorilla Glass 5 for extra protection

  • Internals

While the display technology might be impressive, what makes Pixel 3 really stand out is its Snapdragon 845 CPU. This is an octa-core CPU that clocks at 2.5GHz and it ships alongside an Adreno 630 GPU and 4GB of RAM.

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