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Nintendo Switch Hits a New Milestone with 13.5 Million Sold Units


No one believed that Nintendo Switch could stand a chance from dethroning Xbox One and PS4 from their place as the best consoles ever made back in 2017 when the hybrid console launched. Thanks to Nintendo’s massive fanbase and the innovative features that Nintendo Switch offers, it was proved that the hybrid console had more than what it takes to become a best-seller and now, Nintendo has announced that Nintendo Switch has sold a whopping 13.56 million units.

Nintendo Switch Hits a New Milestone

Nintendo has released a statement on Tuesday where it revealed that it has managed to sell more than 15 million units of the popular hybrid console in North America. Not just that, but Nintendo also made it clear that Nintendo Switch has been the most popular console in the US for the last ten months in a row.

We also want to note that Wii U was Nintendo’s previously top console and it has now been outsold by million units in comparison with Nintendo Switch. This is quite impressive and it shows that there is room for more consoles in the gaming market.

Still Behind Xbox One and PS4

While the new milestone that Nintendo Switch has reached is impressive, the hybrid console is still far behind Xbox One and PS4 in terms of lifetime sales. Although, we do need to keep in mind that Xbox One and PS4 launched in 2013 while Nintendo Switch hit the US markets in 2017.

Nintendo Switch Lite

Nintendo is aware that the hybrid console is a fan-favorite in the US and it is planning to take advantage of that with Switch Lite which recently launched. Therefore, we should expect to hear more great news when Nintendo releases the yearly sales report for the $199 Switch Lite.