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Nintendo Switch Outsells PlayStation 4 in Japan


Nintendo shocked the entire world when it announced that it plans to release a hybrid console. The console we are talking about is called Nintendo Switch and as we all already know, it can be docked to a home TV/monitor or used as a portable gaming console. While the idea of a hybrid console sounded great, people doubted if Nintendo Switch is going to be successful because the console needs to compete against PlayStation 4 and Xbox One which have been around for the last decade.

Nintendo Switch Outsells PlayStation 4

Surprisingly, Nintendo Switch outsold PlayStation 4 in Japan. This is an incredible feat, especially since no one expected the hybrid console to be successful. Nintendo announced that its hybrid console has sold a total of 86 million units worldwide and 20 million of them were sold in Japan.

Therefore, Nintendo Switch is more popular than PlayStation 4 in Japan. However, we have to mention that Japan is the only country where Nintendo Switch was able to outsell PlayStation 4.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

The reason why Nintendo Switch’s popularity spiked so much during this past couple of weeks is because Nintendo released Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. This is a really good game that is exclusive to Nintendo Switch and thus, people who wanted to give it a try didn’t have any other option than to buy a Nintendo Switch.

Final Words

It’s great to see that Nintendo has managed to create a console that can compete against the likes of Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The reason why we are saying this is because Xbox One and PlayStation 4 have been dominating the console gaming industry for more than ten years and there aren’t that many companies who can “steal” some of the spotlight from them.