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Nokia 9 PureView Arrives with an Impressive Five Camera-Setup, But Is It Really Necessary?


Smartphones are becoming more camera-centric each year and there is no doubt about that. Samsung and Apple introduced the dual camera-setups into the mainstream a couple of years ago and now, Nokia has decided to launch the world’s first smartphone to feature a five camera-setup.

While this setup might be impressive, we do have to question if it is really necessary? Nonetheless, let’s check out Nokia PureView’s key hardware specs and see if the five camera-setup is worth $660.

Introducing: Nokia 9 PureView

The first thing that we want to mention about Nokia 9 PureView is that this is a flagship smartphone. Therefore, Nokia 9 PureView represents the best that Nokia has to offer in 2019 when it comes to smartphones and no one should be shocked to find out that Nokia has equipped the device with the best hardware parts available on the market. Although, no one expected a five camera-setup.

Five Camera-Setup

The five camera-setup is obviously the key selling feature of Nokia 9 PureView. All lenses are made by Zeiss and they are placed in a ring. Three of the lenses feature 12MP monochrome cameras, two feature are 12MP RGB cameras and all of them offer an aperture of f/1.8, 28mm.

In addition, there are two more sensors placed on the rear side. One is a ToF (time of flight) sensor which maps out the depth and the other is a LED flash.

The interesting thing about Nokia 9 PureView is that even though this smartphone offers a five camera-setup, it doesn’t feature optical zoom. Instead of providing users with the superzoom they are expecting from so many lenses, Nokia 9 PureView focuses on snapping high-quality HDR pictures. The depth that is added by the ToF sensor makes Nokia 9 PureView the perfect smartphone for professional photographers.