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OnePlus 6T Goes On Sale in the US


Many companies have tried competing against the likes of Apple, Google and Samsung but they all failed. These three tech giants have cemented their names as the “go to” companies when it comes to getting a new smartphone and this is why other companies find it so challenging to compete. However, there is a Chinese based tech manufacturer that is willing to put it all on the line in order to succeed and this company’s name is OnePlus.

While most companies focused on delivering similar products to what Apple, Google and Samsung are offering, OnePlus has taken a different path. OnePlus decided to create a product that it’s not just better than everything else on the market, but more affordable at the same time!

OnePlus 6T Goes On Sale!

OnePlus 6T launched less than two weeks ago and it represents the company’s flagship smartphone. With that said, OnePlus wanted to make sure that its device is a force to be reckoned with and equipped it with the most powerful hardware parts available on the market.

To make things even better, OnePlus 6T is already available in the US for the super affordable price of $549 for the 6GB RAM/128GB ROM model and $629 for the 8GB RAM/256GB variant.

Affordable Price Tag

Even though $549 and $629 might not be affordable price tags by any means, they are significantly lower than what Apple, Google and Samsung are charging for their flagship smartphones. In fact, Apple is receiving lots of criticism from its fanbase after equipping its new iPhone XS flagship device with a price tag that goes over the $1,000 mark.

Final Words

Nonetheless, OnePlus 6T is now on sale in the US and we can be sure that this smartphone will be a success. The combination of powerful specs, unique software features and the affordable price tag makes OnePlus 6T just way too good to pass up.