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Opera Browser 64.0.3255.59069 Beta Update – Major Bug Fixes and Software Improvements


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One of the things that make Opera Browser stand out from the competition is the steady stream of updates that it benefits from. This is why enrolling in the beta program is always a great idea if you enjoy using all the cool features that the mobile browser offers. Talking about the beta program, we need to mention that a brand-new update is now available to download.

Opera Browser 64.0.3255.59069 Beta Update

The latest update for Opera Browser can be downloaded directly via OTA (over the air) channels and it sports the 64.0.3255.59069 version number. Therefore, all Opera Browser fans who are enrolled in the beta program are advised to keep their smartphones connected to Wi-Fi so that they can be among the first ones to access the update.

What’s New?

The new update for Opera Browser is categorized as a high-priority release. The reason behind this is that the update aims to fix a bundle of “under the hood” issues that sometimes caused the browser to lag or glitch. Fortunately, this is not going to happen anymore.

Top Features

Check out below the top features that Opera Browser offers:

Free built-in VPN
Improve your privacy and security on public networks with our built-in browser VPN. The unlimited and free VPN lets you avoid sharing your location and identity, staying anonymous and safe online. You can also switch to different virtual locations if needed for extra browser security.

Private browser
Use private tabs to go incognito anywhere on the Internet without leaving a trace on your device. Easily switch between normal and private browsing in the tab gallery.

Save data and time
On a slow connection? Or want to save data? Switch to data saver mode to load pages faster than ever on slow networks. Powered by our famous compression technology, the Opera browser works hard to save up to your data without breaking your browsing experience.

Personalized news feed
Powered by our smartest AI news engine, the rebooted news feed allows you to swipe through a selection of personalized news channels within the browser, subscribe to your favorite topics, and save stories to read later.

Night mode
Opera’s night mode provides you adjustable lighting options to get the most comfortable reading experience in the dark and the least eye strain. Night mode is easily accessible from the main menu.

Manage your passwords and autofill credit cards
Opt in for automatic saving of passwords site by site and safely autofill your payment information for safe and private online shopping.


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