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Opera Mini Beta 38.0.2254.133558 APK – New Features and Software Improvements


Even though Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are the most popular browsers on PCs and laptops, this is not the case for smartphones. When it comes to mobile web surfing, Opera Mini is the browser that Android fans pick. Opera Mini has been downloaded by more than 5.6 million times from the Google Play Store and the fact that so many people are using it speaks volumes about the browser’s performances.

Opera Mini Beta 38.0.2254.133558 APK Update

Nonetheless, the reason why we are talking about Opera Mini today is because the developers have just released a new APK update. The update sports the 38.0.2254.13358 version number and it’s targeted towards beta testers who want to check out all the browser’s latest features and bug fixes ahead of everyone else.

What’s New?

  • Address bar improvements
  • Reader mode logic improved;
  • Memory usage improvements;
  • Improved video handling on older Android versions;
  • Various stability and performance fixes.

Android Package Kit

As we can clearly see above in the “What’s New?” section, this new APK is packed with lots of features and software fixes that enhance the overall user experience offered by Opera Mini.

However, we also need to mention that since this update comes in the form of APK, Android smartphone users are the only ones who get to install it. This is the case with all APK updates and this format is actually an acronym for Android Package Kit.

Before we end, we should also go over the fact that the new update is targeted at beta testers. Therefore, the update might introduce some bugs alongside the new features. However, this is highly unlikely to happen since Opera Mini benefits from full-fledged support and the developers rarely make the mistake to introduce new features that cause bugs.