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Oppo Reno 2 with 20x Zoom Camera is Launching This Month


We reported earlier today that Huawei is getting ready to launch a new smartphone called P Smart. Well, it looks like Huawei is not the only Chinese based tech giant that is planning to launch a new smartphone. The reason why we are saying that is because thanks to a new leak, the next-gen Oppo Reno 2 has been confirmed to launch in August and that it will ship with a 20x zoom camera.

August Launch Date

The new smartphone from Oppo was spotted in a leak and only hours after that happened, the official Twitter account “Oppo India” has confirmed that the smartphone is launching on 28 August. Not just that, but Oppo also revealed that Oppo Reno 2 is going to feature a never-seen-before 20x zoom camera.

Innovative Camera Technology

Tech companies are in such a close race when it comes to hardware power that the only major difference between flagship smartphones can be seen in their camera technology. With that said, Oppo has announced that the new Oppo Reno 2 will feature a special 20x hybrid zoom lens. This means that the camera will not only be able to zoom for 20x but that it will also offer great image processing abilities.

Worldwide Release

As previously mentioned, Oppo Reno 2 is going on launch on 28 August. However, the smartphone is not going to be available for purchase worldwide during the first week because the Chinese based tech giant is planning to launch it first in India.

If the launch of Oppo Reno 2 proves to be successful, then the smartphone is going to launch worldwide. On the downside of things, we don’t know how much the smartphone will cost, but we don’t think that the price will go over $1,000 because Oppo is known for launching affordable devices.