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Oppo Reno Z Beautiful Press Render and Full Specs Sheet are Now Leaked!


The great thing about the smartphone industry is that it kept on growing during this past couple of years to the point that there are hundreds of smartphones that interested customers can pick from. Companies such as Samsung and Apple used to rule the smartphone industry but things have changed ever since foreign smartphone manufacturers joined the industry such as Oppo for example. The reason why we have listed Oppo as the example is because a brand-new leak has surfaced on the web today and it shows us the hardware specs and official press render of Oppo Reno Z.

Oppo Reno Z

Oppo Reno Z is the next-generation flagship smartphone from Oppo and therefore, the expectations for this smartphone are high. Even though we might not know the official launch date of Oppo Reno Z, we do know that it’s close by since the smartphone’s official press render has just been leaked. Not just that, but Oppo Reno Z’s full specs sheet has also been leaked.

Full Specs Sheet

Considering the fact that Oppo Reno Z will hold the title of being the company’s flagship smartphone in 2019, then no one should be shocked to find out that Oppo is equipped with most powerful hardware specs available on the market. In fact, we are going to present the highlight specs that Oppo Reno Z will have to offer in the list below:

  • 4-inches FHD+ (2340×1080) AMOLED display;
  • Octa-core 2.2GHz Helio P90 CPU;
  • 6GB of RAM;
  • 256 GB of internal storage space;
  • 48MP +5MP dual camera setup (rear side);
  • 32MP selfie shooter;
  • 3,950 mAh battery;
  • USB- C;
  • Android 9.0 Pie operating system;
  • 186 grams.

As we can clearly see, Oppo Reno Z is definitely more than suited to wear the flagship title. The smartphone is equipped with only premium hardware specs and this is why we are expecting Oppo Reno Z to be one of the most successful smartphones of 2019.