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“Petey – AI Assistant” Brings ChatGPT to Apple Watch

Credit: Unsplash

The functionality of OpenAI’s ChatGPT chatbot has been introduced to the Apple Watch with the introduction of a new third-party application known as “Petey – AI Assistant.” The software, which was designed by Hidde van de Ploeg, operates in a manner analogous to that of Siri in that it enables users to pose any inquiry and receive an answer in the form of text to speech. The software is intended to give users with a conversational experience, and it does so by permitting users to carry on their discussions with ChatGPT by swiping down on the watch display.

Petey also has the capacity to share the results of conversations by text message, email, or several social networking platforms. It presently supports a total of 14 distinct languages, including German and Italian, with the possibility of supporting even more tongues in the near future.

The demonstration of the app on Twitter shows it functioning normally on an Apple Watch Ultra; however, in order for users to use the app, they will need to pay a price of $4.99 and have an Apple Watch that is capable of running watchOS 9 or a later version. The application is presently only available for usage on watchOS, and there are no plans to adapt it for Android at this time. Android users will have to go elsewhere.

In spite of this constraint, the open dissemination of ChatGPT throughout the tech sector provides strong evidence that an alternative to WearOS will likely become accessible in the not too distant future. In point of fact, Amazfit has already shown ChatGPT functioning on its GTR4 wristwatch in a demonstration.

Petey – AI Assistant provides Apple Watch users with an alternative to Siri as well as a conversational experience and makes it possible for them to communicate with ChatGPT in a new way. It is interesting to see how artificial intelligence assistants will continue to develop and enrich our day-to-day lives as wristwatch technology continues to grow at a rapid pace.