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Microsoft Expands Preview Program for New Bing Experience, Powered by GPT-4

Credit: Microsoft

The new Bing experience is being previewed by a larger group of users, as Microsoft has stated. This eliminates the need for users to queue up in order to test out the new features of Bing Talk. Windows Central claims that everyone who applies to use the new Bing capabilities right now will be accepted without delay.

Bing’s new chat-based experience was debuted in early February, albeit only to a small preview audience at first. While it started with a small number of people, the number of people on the waiting list has rapidly grown. The new Bing, which first debuted on the web, is now available on mobile devices and is built right into Microsoft’s Edge browser. A shortcut to the capability may be found in Windows 11’s Search since it has been “embedded” into the operating system.

Initial reactions to the new Bing were positive, but users soon began pushing the bounds of Bing Talk, eliciting replies that were at times bizarre and even violent. Microsoft rapidly attempted to rein in the virtual agent by limiting the number of sessions and the volume of messages each session. They have improved the customization by including other tones to choose from. Microsoft has been gradually increasing Bing’s features, most recently announcing that users may send up to 150 messages each day and 15 every session.

Microsoft has verified that the GPT-4 version of OpenAI’s big language model is what’s behind the new Bing experience. Microsoft has developed a special language model for Bing to comprehend and create messages in real human language. It may develop content or draw information from a specific website, and it can answer complicated inquiries in a manner a regular search engine cannot.

Microsoft has not announced the conclusion of the queue despite the growth of the preview program. Users may have to wait a little while longer to try out the new Bing, since it is possible that it is not quite ready for widespread release just yet. But, additional news may emerge from the company’s AI-focused event scheduled for tomorrow. Watch for further information and enhancements about the new Bing experience.