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Pixel 4 Schematics Have Reportedly Been Leaked


Google ditched the Nexus brand a couple of years ago in order to pursue its own path in the smartphone industry by launching the Pixel smartphones. Everyone had high expectations for the Pixel smartphones since they represent Google’s vision of a perfect Android powered device but unfortunately, the Pixel smartphones have not been that successful. However, this doesn’t mean that Google is giving up. In fact, the Android parent is already working on Pixel 4 and we know this thanks to a brand-new leak.

Pixel 4 Leak

The first thing that we want to note about Pixel 4 is that Google has yet to make any official announcements. The Android parent is still marketing its Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL right now. Not only that, but Google is expected to launch Pixel 3 Lite long before Pixel 4 even gets announced. Therefore, the new leak comes as a total surprise.

The leak was spotted by the folks at Slashgear and it gives us a glimpse of what Pixel 4 is going to look like. Obviously, since the smartphone is still in the development phase, we advise all Android fans to take everything with the necessary grain of salt because the schematics for Pixel 4 are subjective to change in the upcoming future.

How Real are the Schematics?

The schematics seem to be real at a first glance. They have the “G” logo engraved on the back and the camera elements on the front and back look fairly similar to Pixel 3 which leads us to believe that the schematics are the real thing.

Nonetheless, Google launches its Pixel smartphones in October and that is when we will find out official information about Pixel 4 and the type of hardware specs and features it will have to offer.