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Xbox Live Network is Coming to Android and iOS


This past couple of days have been quite active for Microsoft’s Xbox department. We reported yesterday that Microsoft made lots of exciting announcements such as the fact that Minecraft is being added to Game Pass during its Xbox video broadcast. However, it seems like Microsoft had more things to reveal. The reason why we are saying this is because Microsoft announced today that the Xbox Live Network is coming to Android and iOS powered smartphones.

Xbox Live Network is Coming to Android and iOS

Microsoft announced that the cross-platform software development kit (SDK) is going to run on Android and iOS. This means that game developers will be able to create Xbox live functionality apps that keep the score for games such as achievements earned for example.

Not only that, but the Xbox Live functionality is also making it possible for developers to introduce fun features like the Xbox friends list, clubs and hero stats among other things.

Microsoft is Pushing Game Pass

From the looks of it, Microsoft has decided to do everything in its power to make the Xbox Game Pass subscription worth it. “We believe so strongly in community, and Xbox Live really being at the heart of our gaming community. If you watch what we’ve done, especially with Minecraft, over the past few years we’ve taken Xbox Live to as many platforms as Minecraft is on possible. Really uniting all those communities together with a consistent singular experience for those gamers,” stated Kareem Choudhry who is Microsoft’s Gaming Cloud Chief.

Final Words

For now, the fact that Microsoft is releasing the Xbox Live network for Android and iOS devices doesn’t mean that much for players. However, developers will be able to create lots of fun apps that Xbox fans are going to enjoy in the upcoming future.