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PUBG for Xbox One Gets Training Mode


Do you want to get better at PUBG on Xbox One but hate the fact that you can’t make it past the five-minute mark in any game? Well, then you should be happy to know that the game developers have just announced the Xbox One version of PUBG is going to receive access to training mode.

This feature has already been tested and confirmed to work without any problems and the developers have released a short trailer that showcases everything you will be able to do in the training mode.

Training Mode

Training mode was first released for the PC version of PUBG and console players have been asking for it ever since. Fortunately, the developers didn’t waste any time and they are ready to release the highly anticipated feature for Xbox One.

PUBG Developers Speak Out

“The PUBGT Training Mode lets 5-20 players (solo que with matchmaking) explore a brand new 2×2 km map and practice all aspects of PUBG, from driving the game’s various vehicles around the island’s race tracks, to practicing parachute landings on scattered targets, to mastering the perfect peek shot. There are even areas to practice vaulting, close-quarters combat, and of course, sweet vehicle jumps” said the developers.

How to Access Training Mode

The last thing we need to mention about the new training mode is that all PUBG players can find it on the PTS. The game now features a new button which can be found in the lobby and the training mode lobby will open after players select it.

The cool thing about the training mode is that it doesn’t allow players to drop below 1 HP. This means that players can experiment as many stunts as they want without ever having to worry about dying.