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New Leak: OnePlus 6T Ultimate Edition Retail Box


OnePlus 6T was scheduled to launch on October 30th, but that changed when Apple announced that it plans to reveal its highly anticipated iPad Pro on the same date. OnePlus doesn’t want its flagship smartphone to compete against Apple because the Cupertino based tech giant has a much larger fan base and it decided to move the launch date for OnePlus 6T to October 29th. Although, a brand-new leak surfaced on the web and it shows us that there will be a special edition of OnePlus 6T.

OnePlus 6T Ultimate Edition Retail Box Leak

If there’s something that we all know and love about OnePlus, then it has to be the fact that this tech company does a great job of customizing its products. OnePlus wants to stand out from all other tech companies and it always makes sure to customize all its gadgets so that they can be put in a category of their own.

Therefore, the recently OnePlus 6T Ultimate Edition retail box (featured picture) that was leaked on the web seems believable. The picture was leaked on a Swedish website that contained exclusive details about the upcoming flagship smartphone such as that only 100 units of the OnePlus 6T Ultimate Edition will be available for sale.

Limited Edition

The Swedish website also stated the OnePlus is planning to launch the time-limited OnePlus 6T Ultimate Edition units after the smartphone has been officially revealed on October 29th. Rumor has it that OnePlus will start accepting orders for the limited edition of OnePlus 6T on the 25th of this month so that customers who pre-order the new smartphone have something to show off for.

Tough Competition

OnePlus 6T seems to be a high-end smartphone that will take the tech industry by storm. However, OnePlus 6 owners don’t have that many reasons to upgrade their smartphone and this leads us to believe that OnePlus 6T might not sell as well as expected. We’ll find out the truth once OnePlus releases its sales reports.