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Recent PlayStation Network Outage Affected PS5 and PS4 Gamers

Credit: Pixabay.com

PlayStation Now and PlayStation Store are usually teeming with gamers, and it becomes very frustrating when these services stop working. That’s what PS5 and PS4 users had recently been through – a scary outage of the PlayStation Network that lasted for about 45 minutes, according to The Verge.

Unsurprisingly, such events can act as an array of domino pieces. Once a service is down, many others can become affected as well, and a lot of fellows will suffer. For instance, Fortnite players were affected as well since we’re talking about the game that counts tens of millions of players worldwide.

But as it usually happens in life, a lot of things get solved if you just choose to remain patient and act calm.

Sony says that the problem was solved

According to Sony, meaning obviously the company that’s in charge of the PlayStation-related services, the problem of the outage has been fixed. The company said it clearly via its website: “All services are up and running.”

It’s also worth mentioning that PlayStation Now will go through some interesting changes. Here’s what a statement from the official website writes:

PlayStation Now is changing soon and merging with PlayStation Plus. If you purchase PlayStation Now and are subscribed when the service changes, you will be migrated into a new PlayStation Plus membership plan and you will continue to have access to the same benefits from PlayStation Now.

In just about two months, the PlayStation Plus service will launch once again, and it will do it with more than 700 games. It couldn’t have been otherwise, considering that the demands of the fans will always grow and reach new standards.

Whether we are PlayStation fans or not, we have to admit that the future sounds good for Sony and its consoles.