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Red Dead Redemption 2 Players are Infuriated by HDR Problems


One week has passed since Red Dead Redemption 2 has been out and it’s been more than enough time to cement this AAA title as the best game to launch in 2018. Red Dead Redemption 2 offers a sense of realism to the wild western world and it gives everyone the chance to live their childhood dream of being an outlaw cowboy who lives his life by the gun.

Red Dead Redemption 2 HDR Problems

Even though Red Dead Redemption 2 is getting rated 10/10 from all popular game critics, there’s still a big issue that Rockstar Games needs to address. It has recently come to light that the game has a serious graphics problem caused by HDR and that Rockstar Games needs to fix it as soon as possible.

Video Output Problem

Reports are showing that the video output of all versions of the game (Xbox One, Play Station 4 and more) are derived from SDR (Standard Dynamic Range) image. This means that the game is not able to capitalize on the full potential of HDR (high dynamic range) and the contrast, image color range and luminance are subpar.

Players are Outraged

“Just tweaking the HDR calibration in-game gives me a massive amount of control over how dark or bright it gets. The game looks [noticeably worse] without HDR. I’m pretty sure it works at least with my configuration” said one Reddit user.

“Yea I tried turning off HDR because my video clips looked like trash and the game looks horrible without HDR” added another Reddit user.

Best Selling Game

Rockstar Games has yet to respond to the graphical issue caused by SDR and HDR. On the other hand, Rockstar Games was proud to announce that Red Dead Redemption 2 sold more than $725 worth of copies only in the first three days since the game launched.