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Samsung Advertises Galaxy Note 9 via iPhone


One of Samsung’s employees who is in charge of promoting Galaxy Note 9 has made a big mistake! The Twitter account for Samsung in Nigeria has posted an ad for Galaxy Note 9 and the problem here is that the employee posted the tweet from an iPhone. Yes, that’s right! The person who is in charge of advertising Galaxy Note 9 in Nigeria doesn’t use a Samsung smartphone or even an Android-powered one.

Galaxy Note 9 is Advertised via iPhone

This mistake was spotted by none other than Marques Brownlee who is a highly popular tech reviewer. The picture of the Galaxy Note 9 tweet went viral and Samsung decided to not only delete the tweet, but delete the Samsung Nigeria account! This makes it clear that Samsung’s executives are mad.

This doesn’t look good for Samsung at all. Samsung needs to make sure that the people who are in charge of advertising its products online use a Samsung device. The reason we are saying this is because some people might see this as an example that iPhone are better. Nonetheless, this is a never-ending debate that Samsung and Apple have been trying to win for the past decade.

Marques Brownlee

Since we are on this topic, we should mention that Marques Brownlee is also the one who spotted that Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman) who is the face of Huawei is posting tweets from an iPhone. The problem here is that Gal Gadot represents Huawei and she is telling everyone that Huawei smartphones are the best.

To make things even more hilarious, millions of people saw the tweet made by Gal Gadot from an iPhone and the actress got so angry that she banned Marques Brownlee from checking her tweets ever again.