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Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra: Two Leakers Dispute The Display Design

Credit: TechnizoConcept

There are now fresh, high-quality fan concept renderings of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra in all four of its speculated colors. As if that weren’t unexpected enough, the leaker who released the fresh renderings also made a dubious assertion regarding the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s design.

Four speculated hues for the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra have been visualized: green, black, cream, lavender. TechnizoConcept is responsible for the high-quality concept renderings, which speculate on the design of the Galaxy S23 series of phones. Both the front and back of a green Galaxy S23 Ultra have been leaked, following previous reports of two other color options for the next flagship.

In addition to releasing images of the Galaxy S23 Ultra, Qwaider has revealed some unique details about the S23 Ultra’s screen, namely that it will be flat. This is a big deal for Galaxy aficionados, and it seems like Samsung choose it for the Galaxy S23 Ultra so that the S Pen may be used more intuitively. In a subsequent article, the same insider elaborates on how the screen’s curved edges will soon be rendered flat. The concept images clearly depict the flagship smartphone to have very little display curvature.

However, it seems that a handful of the things shown in the photos have unnerved the Ice universe. First of all, he thinks the cream hue shown on the mockups of the Galaxy S23 Ultra is wrong, and that it really looks more like cream than beige. Some commenters have taken issue with the leaker’s description of the cream hue as “quite advanced” and “great texture.”

In a post regarding the flat screen S23 Ultra, Ice universe had a reply which caused some controversy.

The source has been making similar claims about the Galaxy S23 Ultra for some time now, saying that despite the phone’s curvature is less extreme than that of the S22 Ultra, it still features rounded corners. Nonetheless, it would seem, at least at first glance, that Qwaider anticipates the smartphone’s screen to be almost totally flat. Since the boundary between these two is subjective, it’s possible that both leakers are almost accurate. However, if the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra doesn’t include any discernible curves, Ice universe’s credibility as a leaker may also fall flat.