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Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Will Have a New Telephoto Sensor

Credit: Pixabay

While Samsung is launching the new Galaxy S23 series in just about a month, how about trying to look even deeper into the future, all the way to the Galaxy S24 lineup? The best phone of the series will most probably be the Ultra model, just in the good old Samsung tradition.

According to a reliable source known for leaking information about technology (@Ice Universe), the Galaxy S24 Ultra will no longer use the telephoto sensor found in previous models and will instead “adopt a new solution.” It is not specified which telephoto sensor this change refers to.

Looking forward to the same source, the main camera on the S24 Ultra may either be the same as the one on the S23 Ultra or only slightly changed. It has also been suggested that the S23 Ultra may retain the same zooming hardware as the S22 Ultra, but the image quality may improve due to advancements in color science and artificial intelligence algorithms.

The Samsung Galaxy S series is a popular line of smartphones known for their high-quality features and performance. Many people consider the Galaxy S series to be among the best smartphones on the market.

The specific features and performance of each Galaxy S phone may vary, but in general, the Galaxy S series is known for its high-quality displays, powerful processors, long battery life, and high-quality cameras. Some models also offer features such as expandable storage, waterproofing, and wireless charging.

Overall, the Galaxy S series has a reputation for being high-quality and reliable, and it has consistently received positive reviews from consumers and experts. If you are in the market for a new smartphone, the Galaxy S series is definitely worth considering.

Only time will tell for sure what we can expect from the Galaxy S24 series, and it’s sure worth waiting!