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The Price Of Apple’s iPhone 15 Plus Will Drop In 2023, As Per New Reports

Source: Apple

Unfortunately for Apple, the larger iPhone has not been selling as well as anticipated. The Cupertino firm is now considering dropping the price of the iPhone 15 Plus.
A leaker claims that Apple is considering major modifications because to the dismal forecast for the economy and little demand for the basic iPhone 14 (Plus). The South Korean-based source claims that the higher price of the iPhone 14 Plus compared to the iPhone 14 Pro is a major factor in the iPhone 14 Plus’s lower market share. It also claims that Apple may reduce the cost of this model for its 2019 range.

The iPhone 15 (Plus): Pro functions added?

The price of the iPhone 15 Plus may be reduced in other ways as well. Considering the little price gap between the iPhone X and the iPhone 15, this tactic might be just as effective for the smaller iPhone 15. The iPhone 14 Plus can be purchased for $899, while the base model of the iPhone 14 can be purchased for $799.

The large disparity in capabilities between the standard and pro iPhones is another element that has Apple reconsidering its strategy. To that end, Apple contemplates reducing the gap by including additional capabilities in its non-pro versions, such as a Dynamic Island design in the form of a pill.

Does Apple make an iPhone 15 Ultra? Additionally, the leaker claims that Apple may alter the iPhone 15 Pro. Apple is expected to release a new iPhone Ultra to succeed the Pro Max. However, Apple is maintaining the smaller iPhone Pro but distinguishing characteristics like camera and construction are farther split to the iPhone 15 Ultra.

It’s not obvious whether Apple’s smartwatches and tablets will benefit from the company’s new approach. However, we’re curious whether you agree with Apple’s plan to reduce iPhone 15 costs. Write your thoughts down and share them with the community.