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Samsung Galaxy View 2 Leaked Press Renders Shows Impressive Design and Powerful Specs


As everyone is talking about Samsung’s recently launched foldable smartphone, everyone seems to be forgetting that the South Korean based tech giant is also getting ready to launch a new tablet. The next-gen tablet is called Galaxy View 2 and even though Samsung has yet to officially announce its launch date, we got lucky and the press renders of the tablet have been leaked online. With that said, today we are going to check out everything there is to know about the upcoming Galaxy View 2.

Galaxy View 2 Leaked Press Renders

The first thing that we want to note is that the folks at SamMobile are the ones who got their hands on the newly leaked press renders. Nonetheless, the leak shows us that Galaxy View 2 will ship with a sleek design that features an ergonomic hinged stand which can be used to make it easier to watch videos or to type on the tablet.

Coming to AT&T

The new leak also revealed that Galaxy View 2 is going to arrive to AT&T in the United States. Therefore, the tablet will be exclusive to AT&T for a limited period of time and all Samsung fans who are interested in purchasing it will need to visit AT&T.

Hardware Specs

One of the most interesting this to be revealed by the leak is that Galaxy View 2 will ship with a smaller 17.5-inches display. This is quite a significant downgrade in comparison with the current model which ships with an 18.4-inches display.

However, the smaller display made it possible for Samsung to equip Galaxy View 2 with the ergonomic hinge that can stay at an angle of 3-degrees when stowed. In addition, Galaxy View 2 has been recently spotted on GeekBench where it was powered by an Exynos 7855 CPU and 3GB of RAM.