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Samsung is Launching Three Cheaper Galaxy S10 Alternatives


Everyone who follows Samsung knows that South Korean based tech giant is scheduled to launch the highly anticipated Galaxy S10 on February 20th during the MWC event. Galaxy S10 is going to ship with an all-new “punch hole” design and lots of exciting features that are going to make the device a bestseller. However, it all comes at a cost. Galaxy S10 will be equipped with the best hardware parts available on the market, but this will also increase the smartphone’s price.

Galaxy S10 is Going to be Expensive

Recent leaks have shown that Galaxy S10 is not going to be as expensive as Apple’s iPhone XS, but the price tag will still be over $1,000. From the looks of it, Samsung knows that the price is a bit too expensive for most smartphone fans and it plans to accept trade-ins (older Samsung smartphones) in order to offer discounts. On the bright side of things, Samsung is going to launch three great alternatives to Galaxy S10.

Introducing: Galaxy A10, Galaxy A30 and Galaxy A50

Samsung is also planning to launch Galaxy A10, Galaxy A30 and Galaxy A50 just after the flagship Galaxy S10 hits the markets. These three smartphones fit in the mid-range category and they will feature affordable prices that make them more accessible.

Although, the great thing about the three new smartphones from Samsung is that they will “borrow” premium features from Galaxy S10 such as the full-screen display for example.

Galaxy A50 is going to be the most expensive smartphone out of these Galaxy S10 alternatives. However, Galaxy A50 will make up for that with exciting features such as an in-display fingerprint scanner and a triple camera-setup that is mounted on the back.