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Samsung is Planning to Reveal Sound On Display OLED Panels During CES 2019


Despite appearances, this year hasn’t been that good for Samsung in terms of smartphone sales. Samsung’s Galaxy S9 performed poorly on sales reports and since this is the company’s flagship smartphone, we think it’s safe to assume that the company’s other smartphones didn’t do better.

DJ Koh who is Samsung’s CEO noticed that the company’s business partners are starting to have doubts and he arranged a private meeting two months ago where he promised them that Galaxy S10 is going to be Samsung’s best smartphone yet.

The CEO told Samsung’s business investors that Galaxy S10 will ship with features and technologies that other smartphones don’t have and that this will make Galaxy S10 a bestselling device.

Well, it looks like DJ Koh was not lying. The reason why we are saying this is because Samsung has announced today that it plans to show off its latest Sound on Display OLED panels during the 2019 Consumers Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

Sound on Display OLED Panels

These new panels are the latest technological innovation from Samsung and they make it possible for the South Korean based tech giant to provide users with larger screen-to-body ratios. According to rumors, the larger Galaxy S10+ will feature an impressive 93.4% screen to body ration.

What makes these Sound on Display OLED panels special is the fact that they use vibration and bone conduction in order to deliver sound to users. The only thing that Galaxy S10 users will need to do in order to hear sound from their smartphones during phone calls is to place their ear on the top part of the display.

Final Words

The Sound on Display panels are going to innovate the smartphone industry and there’s no doubt about that. Nonetheless, the Consumers Electronics Show in Las Vegas is scheduled to start on January 8th and that is when we will find out additional details.