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Samsung Starts Mass Manufacturing Infinity-O Displays for Galaxy S10


Samsung has now started the mass production stage for its brand-new Infinity-O displays. These are the innovative looking displays that Samsung plans to install on Galaxy S10 and they ship with a selfie camera cutout instead of a top-notch. ETNews is the one who reported on this by stating that Samsung has communicated to its manufacturing facilities to start producing the new displays.

Samsung Starts Manufacturing Infinity-O Displays

Galaxy S10 is the company’s next-generation flagship and its expected to launch in March 2019. Therefore, the fact that Samsung has started the mass production stage for the Infinity-O displays leads us to believe that Galaxy S10 will indeed launch in the first quarter of 2019. Otherwise, the South Korean tech giant wouldn’t have any reason to start producing the displays right now.

Innovative Design

What’s great about the new displays is that as previously mentioned, they will ship with a cutout for the selfie camera. Samsung was the first company to start making fun of Apple for using a top-notch on iPhone X and it would’ve been hypocritical from Samsung to use the same design style on the upcoming Galaxy S10.

Another important thing that we should note is that Samsung’s decision to go with a different display other than the one with a top-notch is going to give confidence to other tech companies to recreate this design on their own flagships. As we all know, everyone is replicating Apple’s design for iPhone X, including Google with Pixel 3 XL.

Final Thoughts

The new display from Samsung looks amazing and there’s no doubt about that. Although, the important thing about the Infinity-O display is that it provides a bigger screen-to-body ratio than the smartphones which ship with a top-notch.

Not just that, but Samsung is also showing that other tech manufacturers are not forced to follow in Apple’s footsteps if they want their smartphones to be successful.