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Samsung’s Affordable “Galaxy M” Series Will Rival Xiaomi and Huawei


We reported earlier today that Samsung is going to have big problems in 2019. Chinese based tech giants such as Huawei are making deals with US carriers and retailers which means that their high-end devices are going to find more buyers than usual. From the looks of it, Samsung is aware of this and it plans to “fight” all Chinese smartphone manufacturers by launching a new line of smartphones called Galaxy M

All smartphones that will launch under this series will feature affordable prices and deliver reliable performances, similar to what Chinese smartphone manufacturers such as Huawei are offering.

Samsung’s Affordable “Galaxy M” Series

The first thought that comes to people’s minds when they hear the term “affordable smartphones” is that they are cheap and not worth it. Cheap smartphones usually feature weak hardware performances, but this is not going to be the case for Samsung’s Galaxy M smartphones.

Expected Launch Date

Samsung is going to launch Galaxy M10, M20 and M30 in 2019 and they will arrive one month after Galaxy S9 gets its official release event. Not just that, but Samsung is only going to sell the new Galaxy M smartphones via its official website and the Indian version of Amazon. The reason why Samsung is doing this is because Xiaomi has become a popular brand in India during this past couple of years and Samsung feels forced to do something about it.

On the bright side of things, Samsung is not going to keep Galaxy M10, M20 and M30 as exclusive smartphones for Indian fans. Samsung is also going to release the three smartphones on the global market a couple of months after they become available in India. Therefore, everyone is going to get a chance to their hands on an affordable Galaxy M10, M20 or M30.