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Samsung’s Bixby to Introduce AI-Generated Voices for Text Call Feature

Credit: Samsung

Samsung’s Galaxy S23 series will soon feature an AI-powered digital assistant, Bixby, that can generate an AI-generated voice to respond to phone calls with a message typed by the user. Bixby Text Call, a part of the One UI 5.1 bundle, lets users answer phone calls without actually talking. The user can type a message that Bixby will convert to an artificial voice and dictate to the caller. But the new feature’s most exciting update is its ability to create an AI-generated voice that mimics the user’s tone.

Samsung’s Bixby Voice Creator allows users to record a few sentences of their voice, which Bixby will analyze to “create an AI-generated copy.” This feature is expected to be available beyond phone calls and compatible with other Samsung apps. Although Microsoft and Amazon have already introduced similar AI-based services, these features can still feel creepy and raise questions about the uncanny valley. Will the recipients of the message even realize it’s an AI-generated voice?

The Bixby Text Call feature is currently only available to Korean users, but an update is expected to be released soon for English speakers on the Galaxy S23 series. The update will include better continuity for the voice assistant, more feature parity with Google Assistant, and hands-free features like launching a workout through Samsung Health. Bixby can also run “key commands” without an internet connection, such as setting a timer and taking a screenshot.

In conclusion, Samsung’s Bixby Text Call feature and its new AI-generated voice capability offer exciting possibilities for a hands-free and more personalized user experience. However, it is important to consider the potential privacy concerns and unintended consequences of relying on AI-generated voices for communication.