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Samsung’s Galaxy S10 Has a Big Surprise for Everyone


This year is going to be an amazing one for Samsung fans. The South Korean based tech giant has big plans for the upcoming months and these plans include launching Galaxy S10. This smartphone is going to represent the next-generation flagship of Samsung and therefore, it will ship with all the latest and most powerful hardware specs. However, Samsung is going to do something different in 2019 than in other years. Samsung is planning to launch multiple versions of Galaxy S10.

Multiple Versions of Galaxy S10

First off, we need to go over the reason why Samsung is currently adding the finishing touches to multiple Galaxy S10 models and why they are going to be launched at the same time. Even though Galaxy S9 is a great smartphone, it wasn’t that successful and Samsung feels the need to create multiple versions of Galaxy S10 so that the customers will find the flagship smartphone more appealing. Nonetheless, let’s check out everything there is to know about Samsung’s Galaxy S10 release.

Galaxy S10 Standard Model

Obviously, the first Galaxy S10 that Samsung will launch in 2019 is going to be the standard model. This smartphone will be equipped with premium hardware specs and a spectacular design because it will represent the best that Samsung has to offer in 2019.

Galaxy S10 Edge

Samsung usually launches Edge versions of its Galaxy Note phablets. Well, it looks this is going to change this year because Samsung is planning to launch a special Galaxy S10 Edge model. This model will feature a display with cascading edges and it will be much bigger than the standard Galaxy S10.

Galaxy S10 Lite

Samsung knows that not everyone is able to afford to spend nearly $1,000 on a smartphone and therefore, Samsung is going to launch Galaxy S10 Lite. This smartphone will be the “stripped down” version of Galaxy S10 and while it will feature the same full-screen design, Galaxy S10 Lite’s hardware power is going to be slower.