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Self-repair Support For The Galaxy S22 (Ultra) Was Just Introduced By Samsung

Source: Samsung

In the last year, rumors have circulated that Samsung had trademarked a method of self-repair for use in its Galaxy Buds headphones and Gear S3 smartwatches. Nonetheless, the paperwork hasn’t been submitted as of yet. Instead, the Galaxy S22 trio and two Galaxy Book computers have received official support from Samsung.

The Galaxy S20 and S21 series smartphones, as well as the Galaxy Tab S7+ tablet, were included in the first rollout of Samsung’s self-repair program. Samsung’s lineup currently includes the Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22+, and Galaxy S22 Ultra. The South Korean powerhouse is expanding its product line to include laptops with the introduction of the Galaxy Book Pro and the Galaxy Book Pro 360.

A new battery, port, and glass panels for your Samsung Galaxy S22
With iFixit, users of these Galaxy smartphones may buy factory replacement components. Only the USB charging port, the back glass panel, and the screen-battery assembly are still available for last year’s flagship. Both of the first two kits cost $66 each, but the screen assembly may cost anywhere from $166 to $239.

Each Galaxy repair kit will include with all the required equipment, unlike Apple’s self-service repair option, which requires renting the appropriate tools separately. Concurrently, iFixit offers in-depth disassembly tutorials on their website. Only buyers in the United States may buy Galaxy S22 components right now; when they will become accessible in other countries like Germany, France, and Italy is still unclear.

To have your damaged Samsung gadget fixed properly, you should still submit it to an approved repair shop or an authorized retailer. US customers, for instance, may utilize either a mail-in or a walk-in option to return their device. In addition to the low initial purchase price and free replacements, they also provide the Samsung Care+ program.

Now that the Galaxy S22 is part of the program, it’s probable that other high-end Galaxy devices, like the forthcoming Galaxy S23, will get similar treatment in terms of both software updates and security patches. The Galaxy S23 (Ultra), the newest smartphone from Samsung, will make its debut on February 1.