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SHAREit 4.5.98 APK – Improved Video Playback and Gestures Support


If you are looking for an app that can help you share files between multiple smartphones in an instant, then SHAREit is the app that you need. Just like the app’s name implies, SHAREit has been designed with a sole purpose in mind, and that’s to make it easier for people to transfer important data from one smartphone to another.

However, this is not the only that SHAREit can do because the app also provides users with media that they can watch and keep themselves entertained during boring times such as waiting for the bus.


For those who are unfamiliar with SHAREit, this app can transfer files at speeds that reach up to 20MB/s. This is 200 times faster than Bluetooth and the best thing about SHAREit is the fact that it has been optimized so that the files which are being transferred will not lose any of their quality in the process.

Try to share a high-quality photo over Facebook’s Messenger. The picture will look significantly worse once it is downloaded by the receiver. This never happens with SHAREit.

New 4.5.98 APK

SHAREit fans should be pleased to know that the developers have released a brand-new APK update. The new update focuses on improving the entertainment area of SHAREit by optimizing the video playback experience and introducing gesture support for forward and rewind.

Another great thing that is being introduced alongside this latest update is improved transmission compatibility. Therefore, SHAREit fans who want the app to connect faster to other smartphones should make sure to get their hands on the new APK.

Final Thoughts

We need to mention that the new update is available in the form of APK and this means that the update can only be installed on Android-powered smartphones. Not just that, but SHAREit users will also need to manually download and install the update.