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Snapchat Beta Update Introduces Support for Eight New Languages


Even though Facebook is still holding the title of being the world’s most popular social media platform, Snapchat is slowly but surely getting ready to dethrone it. Facebook tried purchasing Snapchat like it did with all its other competition but to no avail. The folks who are in charge of Snapchat are here to stay and they don’t want to sell out.

What sets Snapchat apart from Facebook is the fact that Snapchat loves to innovate. Snapchat is always the first one to introduce new and cool features which leaves Facebook and Instagram with no other option than to copy the features. The perfect example of this is the Stories feature. Nonetheless, Snapchat is making headlines today because it has just received a new update.

Snapchat Beta Update

First off, we want to mention that the new Snapchat update is exclusive to beta testers. Therefore, the only Snapchat fans who will be able to access the new features and software changes that this latest update introduces will need to enroll in the beta program.

On the bright side of things, enrolling in the beta program is not a complicated task and everyone can do it in a couple of minutes. Nonetheless, let’s check out the “goodies” that the new Snapchat update brings.

New Features

Snapchat fans should be happy to know that the app is now available in eight more languages! The developers of Snapchat are trying to expand the user base of their app and they are doing this by making it more accessible in multiple countries. Here are the new languages that Snapchat supports: Filipino, Gujarati, Hindi, Malay, Marathi, Punjabi, Vietnamese and Urdu.

Furthermore, Snapchat’s latest beta update also introduces support for a new feature called “Camera Roll to My Eyes Only”. Just like the feature’s name implies, it allows users to add photos and videos directly from their camera roll in the private “My Eyes Only” feature.