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Snapchat Launches New Gaming Platform Dubbed “Snap Games”


One of the words that define Snapchat the best is innovative. This social media platform was always the first one to push boundaries and this is why Instagram and Facebook are copying its every move with the Stories feature of Instagram being the perfect example of that.

Nonetheless, the reason why Snapchat is making headlines today is because the app is now going to introduce a brand-new feature called Snap Games and today we are going to present everything there is to know about it.

Introducing: Snap Games

The new Snap Games feature is making it possible for Snapchat users to play real-time, multiplayer games with their friends while they are texting at the same time. Snapchat acquired an Australian game studio called PrettyGreat back in 2017 and Snapchat is using the platform created by PrettyGreat in order to run Snap games.

The Games Are Free, But There’s A Catch

Snapchat announced that all the games available on its new built-in gaming platform will be free to all Snapchat users. However, there is a catch here. Snapchat still needs to monetize this platform and it will do this by letting users opt in to watch six-second unskippable commercials.

Although, this is not as bad as it sounds because players will get something in return for those six seconds. Players who decided to watch the unskippable commercials will receive power-ups, bonuses and other types of in-game currencies. This feature is a great example of how innovative Snapchat can be.

Snapchat Speaks Out

“We wanted to build something that makes us feel like we’re playing a board game with a family of over a long holiday weekend. Something that makes us feel like we’re sitting with friends, controllers in hand, looking at the same screen,” said Will Wu who is Snapchat’s Head of Gaming.