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Snapchat Lenses are Coming to Twitch


Snapchat is the only social media platform that can compete against Facebook and this speaks volumes about the features and premium user experience that Snapchat has to offer. Facebook knows that Snapchat is its biggest threat and it even tried buying the company, but Snapchat is not for sale. Therefore, Facebook resorted to basically stealing what makes Snapchat so popular, its unique camera lenses.

Even though Facebook introduced lenses to its own social media platform and to Instagram, this didn’t make Snapchat lose any of its fans because Snapchat is always one step ahead of everyone when it comes to lenses. In fact, Snapchat has announced that its cool and unique lenses are going to be available in a desktop version for the Twitch platform.

Snapchat Lenses are Coming to Twitch

As unexpected as this might be, Snapchat lenses are now available for all Twitch streamers to use. This big announcement was made during the recent TwitchCon event and every streamer can download the Snap Camera and install it to their browser as an extension.

“The Snap Camera extension brings the magic of Sanpchat’s Lenses to your live streams. There are thousands of face Lenses to choose from – from iconic classics, to Lens Studio community creations! React to game events, amplify your streaming persona, or just have fun expressing yourself to your viewers” said Snapchat.

Increase Subscription Numbers

“Viewers can unlock whatever Lens you’re wearing. If you’re a Twitch affiliate partner, you can even drive subscription to your channel with this tool. Simply choose a Lens that activates whenever someone subs for a custom way to thank your community!” added Snapchat.

It looks like Snapchat wants to advertise the new Lens to streamers by telling them that they can increase their subscriber numbers. This is a bold statement, but it’s surely going to be more than enough to get Twitch streamers to give it a try.