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Leaked iPad Pro 2018 Picture Shows All-Screen Design


As every Apple fan already knows, the Cupertino based tech giant is scheduled to host a big press event today (October 30th). This is getting fans excited because Apple is expected to reveal a bunch of new devices and major software updates that will take the already premium iOS user experience to the next level.

Fortunately for us and other Apple fans, a picture of the new and refreshed version of iPad Pro 2018 has been leaked online. Therefore, we don’t have to wait any longer in order to get an idea of what Apple’s next-generation iPad Pro model looks like.

Leaked iPad Pro 2018 Picture

The first thing we need to mention about the leaked picture is that it was posted on Twitter by none other than Evan Blass himself. For those who are unfamiliar with Evan Blass, this is one of the most reputable leaksters in the world and he has a stellar track record of predicting Apple’s every move.

All-Screen Display

Nonetheless, the leaked picture shows us that the next-generation iPad Pro 2018 will feature an all-screen display. This is a big design change that is going to make the device highly desirable by customers. The new iPad Pro 2018 doesn’t just look better with the all-screen, but this also helps it provide fans with a better video viewing experience.

The Top-Notch is Missing

Everyone was speculating that Apple is going to equip iPad Pro 2018 with a display top-notch just like the latest iPhone XS model, but this is not the case. This is great news for Apple fans because the lack of the display top-noch makes the device look way better than the design that iPhone XS has to offer. We should also note the fact that the leaked picture shows Apple is bundling iPad Pro 2018 with a new Apple Pencil.