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SnapTube Update – Faster and More Reliable Performances


There are lots of cool apps that Android smartphone users can download in order to help keep themselves entertained during boring hours and SnapTube is one of them. In case there is someone who doesn’t know what SnapTube does, all that they need to know about this app is that it can download online videos from all over the internet.

However, that is not the only thing that SnapTube can do. This app is also great when it comes to downloading free music and podcasts. Nonetheless, today we want to present the latest update that SnapTube has recently received.

SnapTube Update

SnapTube fans should be pleased to find out that a new update has recently been released. The update sports the version number and it is being rolled out via OTA (over the air) channels by the app’s developers. However, there is an alternative to install the new update and this implies enabling the “Unknown Sources” option.

APK Release

As previously noted, there is an alternative way to download the new update and that is to download it in the form of APK. This is a special type of update and the APK acronym stands for “Android Package Kit”, thus this type of updates are exclusive to Android smartphone users that have enabled the “Unknown Sources” option on their smartphones.

Final Words

The last thing that we want to mention about SnapTube’s latest update is that it is focused on improving the overall reliability and software performances of the app. The way that the update does that is by introducing a bunch of software fixes and software tweaks that take care of various issues that caused SnapTube to randomly lag, glitch or crash at times. Therefore, all SnapTube fans should download the new update as soon as possible.