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Google Launches New 10.17.0 Beta Update for the Maps App


Google’s Android operating system gives users to a plethora of powerful apps that have been specially designed to make people’s lives easier and Google Maps is the perfect example of that. Google Maps is one of the best apps that Android fans can install on their smartphones and the reason behind that is plain and simple, Google Maps is an essential app to all smartphones because it makes it possible for users to navigation routes that can help drive all over the world, including crowded cities.

Google Maps 10.17.0 Beta Update

Taking into consideration the fact that millions of Android fans are relying on Google Maps when it comes to getting navigation routes, then it should come as no surprise that the Android parent can’t afford to have any bugs, glitches or security breaches that could impact the overall performances of Google Maps. Fortunately, this never happens because Google is constantly pushing out software updates to Google Maps.

If you enjoy using the features that Google Maps has to offer, then you might want to consider enrolling in the beta program. Beta users are always the first ones to receive access to all of Google Maps’ latest updates and this is the case for the brand-new software release for Google Maps that sports the 10.17.0 version number.

Various Bug Fixes

With that said, the latest update for Google Maps which changes the app’s version number to 10.17.0 is a high priority release and all Google Maps users who are enrolled in the beta program should download it as soon as possible.

According to the patch notes released by the developers, the new update introduces a handful of software tweaks and various bug fixes that take care of issues which sometimes caused Google Maps to lag.