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SnapTube’s Latest April Update Goes Live Today


There are lots of cool apps that Android fans can download and install on their smartphones, but SnapTube is a “must have”. What makes this app so special is the fact that it can download online videos from hundreds of websites. Although, the great thing about SnapTube is that this app excels at much more than simply downloading online videos. Not just that, but SnapTube is always improving via new updates and in fact, a brand-new one has just arrived.

SnapTube Update

If you enjoy downloading online videos with SnapTube, then we have some amazing news to share with you today. As previously mentioned, the app has just received a new update and it changes SnapTube’s version number to

This is a high priority update and all SnapTube fans should make sure to download it because it doesn’t just come with software improvements, but it also brings a handful of bug fixes that take care of known issues.

Bug Fixes

Even though bug fixes might not be as exciting as getting access to new features or visual changes to the UI (user interface), they are equally if not more important. Bug fixes serve the purpose of improving the overall software stability of SnapTube and this is why they are so important.

To top it all off, the new bug fixes which are contained in the 4.63.04634810 update are aimed at taking care of various issues that are known for causing SnapTube to lag.

Final Words

Our conclusion for the latest SnapTube update is that everyone who enjoys downloading online videos and free music with the app should make sure to download the latest update as soon as possible. This is a high priority release and it’s also the last update that SnapTube will receive in April.