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Soon, You’ll Be Able To Use Your Stadia Controller With Bluetooth Thanks To A New Tool

Credit: Stadia

Early in the month of November, Google started the process of issuing refunds for software purchases, and later that same month, hardware refunds were distributed. Even though the vast majority of refunds ought to have been handled by this point, if you have not yet received a refund, you may want to get in touch with Google in order to begin the process or check the progress, which can be done through the support portal that is specifically designed to cater to the needs of Stadia owners.


The announcement that Google would be discontinuing its Stadia game streaming service was made public the previous year. People were, for the most part, quite astonished, but some were not surprised, as it is common practice for Google to terminate its services if they are not profitable enough. The Google Stadia Twitter account has given some facts about a future utility that will be launched that would enable Bluetooth connectivity on Stadia controllers. These revelations come with just five days left until the service is permanently discontinued, and they were made by Google.

The fact that current Stadia owners will be able to use the controller for a variety of other devices should come as very pleasant news to them. Even while the tweet didn’t reveal very much, it did reveal that the tool in question will be a self-serve one, which means that users will be responsible for carrying out the functionality themselves. After the controller has been updated by the tool, it will most likely be compatible with a wide number of various devices, including smartphones, PCs, tablets, and possibly even some consoles.

The majority of the Stadia shutdown was handled quite well by Google, as seen by the company’s provision of assistance for the Stadia community in the way of refunds for hardware expenditures and software sales made straight from Google. In addition to this, there is a customer assistance system in place in the event that customers do not receive their returns.