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Spotify Expands Its Podcast Offering with the Acquisition of Parcast


Spotify is the world’s most popular music streaming platform and from the looks of it, this isn’t enough for the company. The reason why we are saying this is because Spotify has recently acquired a new podcast network called Parcast. Spotify wants to expand the variety of audio files that it offers and it’s getting ready to take over the podcast industry with the acquisition of Parcast.

Spotify Purchases Parcast

As previously mentioned, Parcast is a podcast network and it is renowned for launching premium podcasts series that focus on Unsolved Murders, Serial Killers, Cults and Conspiracy Theories. These podcasts are really interesting and they will now available on Spotify.

“With an expertise in genres touching mystery, crime, science fiction, and history, Parcast has shown it has depth in subject matter and the ability to develop audiences across its robust network. Additionally, Parcast has more than 20 new shows slated to launch later this year,” said Spotify in a recent blog post.

The World’s Leading Audio Platform

Spotify wants to become the world’s leading audio platform and this means that Spotify will keep on acquiring new services for the years to come. “The addition of Parcast to our growing roster of podcast content will advance our goal of becoming the world’s leading audio platform,” said Dawn Ostroff, Spotify Chief Content Officer.

Podcasts are the new-age media and the most popular ones rake in millions of streams every day. Spotify’s decision to start introducing more podcasts into its platform is a great one because this way, Spotify is making sure that its users don’t need to access any other audio streaming platforms whenever they want to access podcasts.

Final Words

Nonetheless, Spotify went on to announce that it plans to invest a total of $500 million on podcast-related deals in 2019. Therefore, Spotify users should get ready to have their playlists flooded with podcasts in the upcoming future.