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Stadia Boss Executive Reveals Internet Requirements


The Android parent revealed its highly anticipated game streaming service called Stadia earlier this week. Stadia is expected to revolutionize the gaming industry by making it possible for everyone to stream their favorite games on all types of devices, even on smartphones!

The streaming service works on Google’s massive cloud structure and as you would expect, Stadia required a powerful internet connection in order to stream games at 1080p resolution and 60 FPS.

Stadia Internet Requirements

The interesting thing about Stadia is that even though Google revealed all its features, the Android parent didn’t exactly say what are the internet requirements for the streaming platform to work at peak-performance levels. Luckily, Phil Harrison who is the person in charge of Stadia decided to reveal this piece of information in an interview with Kotaku.

“To get 1080p, 60 frames per second, it is required approximately 25 megabits per second. In fact, we use less than that, but that’s were we put our recommended limit. But with innovations that we’ve made on the streamer side and on the compression side since then, when we launch, we will be able to get 4K but only raise that bandwidth to about 30 megabits per seconds. So if you have less bandwidth, we’ll give you a lower resolution. We do a lot of that for you in the background, and we will only offer up the appropriate bandwidth for the infrastructure that you have,” said Phil Harrison.

Stadia Brings AAA Games to Everyone

From the looks of it, the internet requirement for Stadia is not as outrageous as we initially expected. Google is going achieve its goal of bringing AAA games to everyone and considering the fact that many people are struggling to buy a high end PC or powerful console, Stadia is surely going to be successful.