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Tech tips to help students study smarter


Many students end up disappointed after studying too hard but getting poor results. They are left demotivated wondering if there is a need to continue studying. But a common reason for the bad performance in exams is the lack of planning in their studies. Many of the students will complain that they are yet to cover the syllabus a few days to the exam and this impacts their results negatively. One of the best tips for the student is to study smart. One thing that the smartest students will tell you is that planning for your study really works. Here are a few tips to help you study better.

Review Regularly     

Experts recommend that student should revise their notes immediately they get them. You need to work with a timetable on which notes you need to study which day. This way, you can avoid cramming things when the exams are around the corner.  By reviewing your notes regularly, you can always be prepared for those impromptu tests. This is on top of the facts that your brain will be in a better position to store new information unlike when you cram a particular topic when exams are due.

Take time to understand concepts

Memorizing what you read is different from understanding. When you try to memorize especially where you need to apply your knowledge, you will not grasp the concepts. This is why you find students failing in a test despite claiming that they had studied very hard. On the other hand, when you take the time to understand the concept, it will be easy for you to grasp it.  If you are finding it difficult to understand materials, you can ask an expert to write my paper for me.

Use a variety of materials

Instead of relying on notes from your lecturer or books, you should use a wide range of materials. This will offer you a deep understanding of the subject. It will also be easier for you to understand the concepts as they may be explained better elsewhere as compared to your notes. You can find a wide range of notes in the school library or even online.

Use of flash cards

One of the tips to help students study smart is the use of flashcards. These can play an important role in helping you to memorize key concepts and terms during the exams. This is because you can use flash cards to store a huge number of notes.  Use diagrams to help you remember important details.


Teach your classmates

There is no better method that will help you understand all the difficult subjects you have at class than trying to teach some of them to your peers. This works as you will have to express your knowledge in words and therefore help you learn better. By repeating the same concept over and over again, you reinforce that information. The learner will ask you questions, and you will have to provide an answer. This serves to help you improve your knowledge of the subject.

Get in a study group

One advantage of joining a study group is that you can share opinion and views with your classmates to develop a rich discussion among the group. There may be certain topics that you are good at while your classmate may be good in another one. You can leverage each other’s knowledge to get the most out of your studying sessions.

Take regular tests

According to a leading resource, the use of tests can help students to perform better. By testing yourself, you can easily know if you have understood the information. This can also help you to determine the exact area where you have not understood the concept. A good idea would be to use past papers and online tests. It is also advisable to simulate the exam room environment when testing yourself so that you can time yourself.

Connect your understanding with the concept

When studying, try to connect your notes with the concept you have already understood. This will help you get a good understanding of everything. You can make use of an analogy to learn the materials faster. You will get a better understanding of the lesson during the examination period. The good idea is to use an acronym. For instance, an acronym that was popular in Math was BODMAS. This helps students to remember that they should do subtractions last.

make is to sleep for a few hours during the exam and surviving on snacks. Without a healthy diet and enough, it is hard to retain information when studying for your examination. Experts suggest that you should sleep for at least 8 hours a day.  Increase your intake of foods that help in brain memory such as egg, broccoli, berries and fish. You can also take supplements.


There are various learning tips that can help you to understand better. Before you begin your revision, it is advisable to start by understanding your study habit.  Visual learners will learn better when they study using diagrams and images. This can also serve to help them study faster. If you are the kind who are easily distracted, study for short sessions followed by breaks to help you get re-energized. If you understand things better while studying in a group, consider joining a study group. When you study smart, it will be possible to retain a lot of information and enhance your performance in school. Make use of the above tips to enhance your learning in school.

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