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Telegram X Beta Update – Check Out All The Latest Features!


If you enjoy the high-level user security that Telegram has to offer but you would like it if the chatting app could run faster and provide smoother performances, then you might want to give Telegram X a try. This is an alternative version of the original app and it uses a different TDLib based client which offers slicker animations and experimental features that only beta users can access.

Talking about Telegram X’s beta program, we want to mention that a brand-new update is rolling out right now. The update sports the beta version number and everyone who has joined Telegram X’s beta program is eligible to download via OTA (over the air) channels. With that said, let’s go ahead and check out everything there is to know about the new update.

Telegram X Beta Update

Even though most updates that Telegram X receives are equipped with software tweaks and bug fixes, this is not the case for the latest release. The reason why we are saying that is because the update focuses on introducing a bunch of useful features that are helping improve the overall user experience that Telegram X offers.

New Features

— Animated Stickers

— Global Permissions in chats

— View Admins list in chats (profile > three-dots button > «View admins»).

— New privacy options: profile photo and forwarded messages

— Refreshed look of privacy settings screen

— Embed wallpapers in custom themes

— Hi-res media thumbnails

— Improved Link Previews for external video services (YouTube, coub, etc)

— Started rework of Instant View: Opens on full screen, option to close by swipe, improved navigation, YouTube and other embeds, and more.

— Bugfixes for devices with notch.

— “In Roaming” option for “Use Less Data in Calls” setting.

— View who promoted/banned a user in chat.

— View members’ join date and time in groups and channels (members list > hold).

— Global rights and polls events in Recent Actions.

— Link preview won’t appear above message field if it is disabled in group.

— Message field will be locked when writing messages is restricted.

— Edit group’s or channel’s profile photo or description from the profile.

— Basic groups and supergroups management now look the same way.

— In-app update suggestions.

— Removed extra status bar in split screen.

— Reworked internal wallpaper logic on new Backgrounds 2.0 API, but visually only new wallpapers.

— Improved wallpaper switching logic when changing theme.

— Swipe back is disabled when you edit a message to prevent losing changes.

— Other changes related to app gestures.

— Minor bugfixes and improvements.

— Updated JoyPixels (former EmojiOne) emoji set. To update, switch to any other emoji set, then back to JoyPixels.